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Yellow Sentence Diagramming
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                 What is an infinitive?

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Infinitive: a verb used as a noun, adjective, or an adverb usually beginning with the word "to".


Example: “The boy wanted to run down the street.” -“To run” would be the infinitive of the sentence used as a Direct Object.


Click to see the diagramming of infinitives in action!

Don't get infinitive phrases mixed up with prepositional phrases.
Prepositional phrases include to + a noun.
Infinitive phrases include to + a verb.
Anna went to the mall to buy a dress for homecoming.
Prepositional Phrase: to the mall is the prepositional phrase.
Infinitive Phrase: to buy is the infinitive phrase.
Here are some sentences for you to practice diagramming infinitives:
1. Lisa loves to swim.
2. This is the bus to take.
3. To mow the lawn is my summer job.
4. To give is to receive. (Hint: You'll need 2 steps)
5. We watched Tim score in his game.

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