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Yellow Sentence Diagramming
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Everyone Loves Gerunds!

Tired of looking and wondering, "How in the world do I diagram these sentences with gerunds"?
Look and wonder NO more!

cLiCk here to start your jOurneY into the world of gerUnDs!!!!

Welcome to the World of Gerunds!

What is a gerund?


      - a form of a verb that acts like a noun

      - 1 of the 3 verbals

Important Info:

      - always end in -ing

      - function as a noun such as:

                 1. Subject                                     

                 2. Direct Object

                 3. Indirect Object

                 4. Predicate Nominative

                 5. Object of the Preposition

                 6. Appositive

The Quest to Diagram!!

Step 1: Read the sentence more than once.

Step 2: Search for all the nouns of the sentence.

Step 3: Only look at the nouns that end in -ing.

Step 4: Eliminate the "possible gerunds" that act as a verb, adverb, or adjective.

Step 5: Once the correct gerund is chosen, begin to diagram the sentence(may be necessary to recall or rewatch the powerpoint (up above)).

Step 6: Once confident about attempting to diagram the sentence with the gerund, go for it and keep a positive attitude ("I can do this!!!!").

Step 7: Observe your masterpiece and give yourself a little pat on the back 


Now, examples to try on your own:


                  subject: Diagramming is fun!

                  direct object: They went canoeing.

                  indirect object: His performance gives acting a bad name.

                  appositive: My new hobby, cooking, is quite fun.

                  object of the preposition: Fisherman obtain food by fishing.

                  predicate nominative: One relaxing exercise is swimming.


We hope this website helped you with any school homework or projects!  Good luck!