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Yellow Sentence Diagramming
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Enter The World of  

        Use this site to learn the basics participles and how to diagram them.
Use the PowerPoint and information below.

What is a participle?

A participle is a form of a verb that can act as an adjective.



 Difference between Verb and Participle

Verb shows an action, a condition, or the fact that something exists.

Participleacts as an adjective that enhances a noun or pronoun.



Diagramming Participles! 

-      Placed directly under the noun or pronoun that it modifies

- Participles start on a slanted line continnuing to a horizontal line. (They MUST continue on both lines)

- Complements are diagrammed as normal (EX: Direct Objects, Adjective, Adverbs, Prepositional Phrases...ect.) using the participle as a verb



The World of Participles

Participle PowerPoint

Participles and Patty

Practice Sentences:
1. The girl writing in her journal
    is quiet.
2. The protestors, bearing signs,
    marched into the square.
3. Shouting lodly, they ran through
    the doors.
4. Brigette saw the car speeding
    down the the highway.

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