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Yellow Sentence Diagramming
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Sentence Diagramming and its study enables students to write better.  If you can diagram your sentences, you will be able to figure out if they're correct, if you've made mistakes,  and if you've followed the rules of grammar.  Diagramming may be a lost art, but once you perfect it, it will translate into competence in many areas other than English.

This website is a class project of Mrs. Mahne's Intro to Comp and Lit class.  It was created by 28 freshmen students who began their exploration of sentence diagramming by identifying areas of grammar that they were unsure about.  Next, they worked with a lab partner to research a specific area of diagramming according to their perceived level of expertise - beginner, fairly competent, competent, and advanced.  After researching and perfecting their individual topics, students designed a specific section of this website to convey their findings to others.  Enjoy, and we hope this site helps you understand some of the more common questions students have about diagramming. 


Sentence Diagramming Helps & Extras

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Links to handouts of how we accomplished our project

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We hope this website helped you with any school homework or projects!  Good luck!